Ragdoll (Eufrat)
The Ragdolls Cattery

Our plans

Term: June 2021

Expected 100% traceable traditional kittens (fully traceable pedigree, proven by Denny Dayton´s Genetic Card): mitted and colorpoint blue, lilac, chocolate and seal

Pedigree of the planed traditional litter HERE

Certificat for Original ragdoll my male George HERE >

Certificat for Original ragdoll my girl Astred HERE

Heartnsoul George Faelis, Rag n 04, blue mitted (Bbdd - 100% traceable traditional pedigree )

more about George
Calaquendi Dolls Astred Faelis, Rag n, seal colorpoint (BbDd - carrier chocolate, 100% traceable traditional pedigree)

more about Baby

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