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100% Original Ragdolls - full traceable, white pedigree

I dedicat to breeding of 100% Original traditional ragdolls with full traceable pedigree. Breed ragdoll is so special and rare with his possibilty to find all ancestors, ragdoll cats have one of the best Pedigree book. But I have to also say - I love all cats and all ragdolls and I don´t think Original traditional ragdoll are something better than ragdolls with other breed or new colors and patterns in their pedigree. I simply have choosed this way for my cattery.

I would like to try describe term „Original traditional ragdoll“ because there are many diffrent opinions, what it is.

The designation “Original Ragdoll” is determined by the ragdoll's pedigree. And here I come across different concepts of this designation. Some breeders consider all ragdolly point as original traditional ragdoll. Other breeders think that the original traditional ragdoll is such a ragdoll, which has none outcross of other breed in his pedigree. But the red color and lynx was not in the breeding Ann Baker, these new colors and patterns were always came by different breed than ragdoll.

There is big database pedigrees of Ragdolls( and also other breeds like Main Coon, Persian etc…) called PawPads on the internet. The database is very good and helpfull, but there are also some errors , that is why on PawPads is written notice „The correctness of this pedigree is not guaranteed.“ If you want to have realy proven that your ragdoll is 100% traditional orginal ragdoll, write Mrs.Tina Röllen, she is allowed access to Danny Dayton genetic card. Danny Dayton did great job for breed of ragdolls.

name WHITE PEDIGREE RAGDOLL is the same as 100 % TRADITIONAL ORIGINAL RAGDOLL but it is not meaning that when in the database PawPads you find 100% foundation only to 3 base cats ( Josephine, Blackie a Beauty), your cat has 100% traditional original pedigree (white pedigree). PawPads is not guaranteed it. And it is important to know, that there can be more other ragdoll cats in pedigree and your cat still will be 100% traditional ragdoll. But all these ragdolls must be in Dayton genetic card and these informationand and guarance can you give Tina Rollens from club Original Ragdoll.

My advice for breeders, who would like also breed 100% traditional original ragdolls with fully traceable pedigree ( white pedigree) is: before you will buy a kitten, ask his/her pedigree and send it Tina Rollen for control throught Dayton genetic card.

Some breeders claim that there are errors in Dana Dayton's genetic card and that only those Ragdolls that are w PawPads traceable to 3 founding cats have "white pedigree". How can they know? I have found or see no evidence that Dany Dayton did his job poorly. Without Ragdolls from Dady Dayton´s genetic card would be the ragdoll gene pool too small number of cats and there would be a danger of inbreeding. For me, Dany Dayton and his genetic card are credible enough.

My English is a bit poor...but I hope that who will want understand, so will able understand :)
And if my words will be help at least one breeder, so my effort was not needless.

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