Ragdoll (Eufrat)
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Ragdoll standart - varieties

There are three different patterns of Ragdolls:

Colorpoint (genetical code ss) - one color darkening at the extremities (nose, ears, tail and paws)

Mitted (genetical code S2s) - same as pointed, but with white paws and abdomen. With or without a blaze (a white line or spot on the face), but must have a "belly stripe" (white stripe that runs from the chin to the genitals) and a white chin.

Bicolor (genetical codes S2S2 High mitted), S4s true bicolor, S4S2 Mid high white, S4S4 High white or Van) — white legs, white inverted 'V' on the face, white abdomen and sometimes white patches on the back (Excessive amounts of white, or "high white," on a bicolor is known as the Van pattern, although this doesn't occur nearly as often as the other patterns).

Ragdoll colorpoint

Ragdoll colorpoint - colorpoint pattern
points: ears, mask, feet and tail to be darker, with well-defined color. Nose leather and paw pads: fully pigmented and matching point color. Body: definite contrast between body and points, chest, bib and chin areas may be somewhat lighter in color.
Disqualify: presence of any locket or white spot anywhere on cat’s body.

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Ragdoll mitted

Ragdoll mitted - mitted pattern
points: legs (except for feet), ears, mask, and tail well-defined. May have a white blaze in the shape of a star, diamond, hour-glass or line in one patch or broken, centrally and symmetrically located anywhere from the top of the nose leather to the forhead. Chin must be white and extend into white belly stripe. Front feet: white mittens present on both feet, evenly matched, preferably going up to and around the wrist joint. Back legs: white must go up to and around the hocks entirely, extending no higher than mid-thigh. Nose leather: fully pigmented and matching point color. Paw pads: pink but may show minor spotting of color corresponding to point color. Body: definite contrast between body and points. There should be a white belly stripe, varying in width from the bib, between the forelegs down the midline of the underside of the cat. Soft shadings of color are allowed on body. Allowance to be made for faint ghost markings on kittens. Full color achieved after 2 years of age.
Disqualify: absence of white chin

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Ragdoll bicolor

Ragdoll bicolor - bi-color pattern
mask: Points: restricted to ears, tail, mask and shading on the ‘saddle’ area. Mask: white inverted “V” remains within outer edge of eyes. Symmetry preferred. Nose leather: pink. Body: chin, chest, and underside are white. Upper body may show white spotting. Legs and feet: all white preferred. May have minor dark spots. Paw pads: pink preferred, but mixture of colors on paw pads and fur acceptable because of two colors in pattern. (When determining color, point color of ears is the deciding factor.) Penalize: “V” extends beyond outer edges of eyes, or excessively asymmetrical. White marking on ears.
VAN PATTERN: points: point color restricted to ears, tail and mask. Ear and tail color dense and clearly defined, with minor white spotting allowed. Mask may be limited to upper part of mask which may show gradual fading of color. Body, legs and feet: pure, glistening white; minor spotting allowed. Nose leather and paw pads: pink. Penalize: more than twenty percent color on body.
Disqualify: “V” absent or has dark spotting. Extensive dark area on any leg, total absence of point color on head or tail.

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