Ragdoll (Eufrat)
The Ragdolls Cattery
We expect litter on October 2020 - 100% original ragdolls
What is 100% Original ragdoll meaning? Please read HERE

Welcome to our little world of Ragdolls cats

I have loved cats since I was child and I always wanted to have one, but I didnt have enough time. When our children grow up I decided to fill up the hole after them with cats. I bought some books and was looking for suitable race (breed) that could be happy with me in my flat, where I lived before.
Sometimes one has to return to the roots and I therefore decided to breed Ragdolls, who with their pedigree return 100% to the three basic cats (Josephine, Beauty, Blackie), from which the Ragdoll breed was bred. Our cats are pure ragdolls without crossing another breed. 18 years ago, I fell in love with a ragdolls and rediscovered the almost forgotten beauty of ordinary caresses, as well as the cat love that really exists - whoever understands cats knows and feels them. Cats are not fake, only humans can be fake.
I live with my boyfriend, dog and our cats in a house on the outskirts of Prague (Czech republik, Europe) and we are fine together :)


Astred will be mum end of October 2020 :)


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